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VAPORETTI is a modern Continuous Yarn Shrinking and Bulking Machine with independent heads suitable to shrink and bulk a very wide range of hand-knitting yarns with big counts from Nm 0,3 to 5. The new VAPORETTI is designed to be linked with all type of semiautomatic and automatic ball-winding machines (especially to our Fc34-NX) or cone or cake winders (spirowaps) according to the customer’s choice.

The yarn is layed on the woven belt and then conveyed into the steaming chamber. Here the steam acts on the yarn by shrinking and bulking it. The steam is injected under pressure in the steaming chamber; when the preselected temperature is reached, the electric-valve closes the immission of the steam. The bulked yarn pass through the cooling zone and then is ready to be wound in balls, in cones or in cakes (spirowaps). A set of photocells sincronizes our VAPORETTI to the ball-winding machines or to the cone or cake (spirowaps) winders.

✔ Complete independent heads.
✔ Number heads: 2 and 4.
✔ Possibility to work with ONE or TWO yarn per track.
✔ Belt width: 200 mm.
✔ Winding speed from 0 to 600 mt/min. set by a touch screen control panel.
✔ Time of bulking from 20 to 300 sec. by a touch screen control panel according to the characteristics of the yarn.
✔ All the parameters can be stored in 200 programs, so it is possible to recall them at will.
✔Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German. Chinese.
✔ Input and output creels with yarn tightener.
✔ Pneumatic injection of the yarn.
✔ Cone holder with reserve positions,
✔ Steaming chamber with length of mt. 3,0 with steam injection through steam valve with pneumatic
✔ Campanini humidity control system for delicate yarn like alpaca and mixed yarn with cotton (included).
✔ Maximum bulking temperature: 98°C at sea level.
✔ Automatic opening of the steaming chamber
✔ Yarn break control sensors (by request)
✔ Automation control: by PLC.
✔ Air pressure: 6 bar ✔ Air consumption: 1 Nl/min.
✔ Voltage: 3-phase 230-400V + Ground ✔ 50/60Hz
✔ Power instalment: from 1.5 to 3,0 kw.
✔ Steam pressure required: from. 5 to 7 bar.