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Our TRIAX EVO is an innovative cake soft winding machine suitable to wind in big cakes (spirowaps) a very wide range of hand-knitting yarns from Nm 0.5 to Nm 5. It has been studied to be connected to our most of the continuous bulking machines existing on the market. The yarn coming from the yarn bulking machine passes through a yarn feeder and then winded into a big cake with weight over to 8 kg. (maximum height of the cake over 80 cm). This kind of SOFT deposit does NOT STRESS the yarn, which keeps an high level of quality for a long time.

✔ Fully independent heads (1x1 single or 2x2 double)
✔ Winding speed from 0 to over 600 mt/min. and pattern cake adjustable through a TFT color 4,3” or 7”touch screen control panel.
✔ Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German. Chinese.
✔ Light and strong aluminum winding structure.
✔ Hardened aluminum winding disc.
✔ Plexiglas upper plate with copper to discharge the static electricity generated during the process.
✔ Pneumatic lift of the winding structure through pushbutton.
✔ Height of the cake controlled by a sensor.
✔ Hardened aluminum feeding roller engaged with a 95 shore rubber roller with 50 mm. of width.
✔ ✔ Pneumatic infeed of the yarn.
✔ High precision electronic yarn feeding device adjustable through a potentiometer.
✔ Winding device with orifize diameter 12 mm.: possible to process very coarse yarns  
✔ Adjustable cake pressure: it is possible to control the softness of the cakes = more quality-

✔ Variable pattern device through touch screen, that means:
 ➔ better deposit for any kind of yarn means
 ➔ softness cake = more quality
 ➔ less stress of the yarn = more quality
 ➔ less slippery of the yarn during the formation of the cake = more production
 ➔ easier unwinding with the balling machine = more production.

✔ Winding Plate Thread Detector Device: a sensors (one for each head) controls the yarn entering in the winding plate: in case of breakage or slipping of the yarn, the head automatically stops = more efficiency (do not throw yarn away).
✔ All the parameters can be stored in 200 programs, so it is possible to recall them at will.
✔ Automatic signalization when the cake is ready flashes lamp + sound
✔ Automatic yarn stretching device for acrylic yarns
✔ Feeder yarn guide traveller.

It is possible to connect our cake winders to any kind of steamer.

Each group can be supplied from 2 to 5 independent heads.
✔ Voltage: single-phase 230 Vac or three-phase 230-400 Vac + ground (other voltages upon enquiry).
✔ Power installed: 900 W (per head)
✔ Air pressure: 6 bar - Consumption: 0.2 Nl/min (per head)
✔ Colour: Grey RAL 7015

CE Declaration of conformity (in ccordance with 89/392 / CEE, 91/368 / CEE, 93/44 / CEE, 93/68 / CEE and IEC 60204-1).