• Semiautomatic Ball-Winding Machine
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Our NEXUS electronic ball-winding machine is suitable to produce high quality balls of wool, acrylic, mixed and fancy yarns, cotton and similar fibers. It is equipped with the most advanced ball shape and pattern control ever built.

✔ From 2 to 20 point pattern (and more) classic balls
✔ Do-nut (flat) balls
✔ Honeycomb balls
✔ Cotton balls with inner-core inside
✔ Cotton balls without inner-core inside
✔ “Random” type balls
✔ Number of winding positions: 10, 12, 16 and 20.
✔ Nexus multi-language programmable controller with 7” or 10” TFT touch screen panel that controls
 ➔Winding speed adjustable from 50 to 1200 rpm.
 ➔Ball weight.
 ➔Beam movement (shape of the balls)
 ➔Patterns and thread laying of the balls: patterns selection from 1: 2,000 to 1: 400,000
 ➔The device is also able to change pattern automatically during the winding cycle up to 4 times in order to produce do-nut balls more voluminous and softer.
 ➔All the parameters can be stored in 500 programs, so it is possible to recall them at will.
 ➔Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German. Chinese.
✔Automatic opening and closing of the mandrels.
✔Simultaneous calibration of the diameter of the mandrels.
✔Automatic cutting of the yarn with automatic clamping of the tails for the next cycle.
✔Automatic release of yarn ends during the winding cycle.
✔Beam movement controlled by motorized cylinder.
✔Creel with yarn tightener.
✔Cone holder reel suitable for all type of cones with reserve positions.
✔Safety equipment:
 ➔Photocell device
 ➔Automatic safety gate that closes automatically when the start pushbutton is pressed and opens automatically when the stop pushbutton is pressed or during the cutting cycle.
✔Flyer motor: from 1.5 kw to 3.0 kw controlled by digital vector inverter.
✔Mandrel motor: brushless – 3 Nm
✔Beam motor: 0.4 kw controlled by digital vector inverter.
✔Flyer transmission: timing belts.
✔Voltage: 3 phase 230-400 Vac + ground (other voltages upon enquiry)
✔Power installed: from 2 kw to 4 kw.
✔Air pressure: 6 bar. Consumption: 8 Nl/min.
✔Colour: Ivory White RAL1013 and Red RAL 3000

CE Declaration of conformity (in accordance with 89/392 / CEE, 91/368 / CEE, 93/44 / CEE, 93/68 / CEE and IEC 60204-1).
✔Spring expansion mandrels.
 Standard sizes: mm. 85 - 100 – 120 – 140 – 155 – 170 – 200.
 Special sizes by request

✔Rigid collapsible expansion mandrels FR type
 Standard sizes: mm. (LxD in mm):
 50x67 - 50x76 - 50x90 – 90x76 – 90x90 – 110x90
 130x90 – 150x90 – 150x100 – 170x100 – 190x100 – 200x100
 Special sizes by request

✔Stick expansion mandrels for cardboard/plastic inner cores.
 type C60.1 for tubes with diameter from 40 to 60 mm.
 type C85.1 for tubes with diameter from 55 to 82 mm.
 type C95.1 for tubes with diameter from 70 to 98 mm.

✔Hexagonal or rounded fixed mandrels - Sizes by request
✔ Automatic inner-core positioner on expansion mandrels.
✔ Pneumatic creel for cakes (spirovaps): loading height mt. 1,8 – working height mt. 2,8.
✔ Conveyor belt
✔ Self-adapting yarn sensor control
✔ Advanced softer for “random” type balls
✔ Electronic positive yarn feeder
Project Description

Nexus – Semiautomatic ball-winding machine