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Fully automatic ball-winding machine or the winding and banding of wool, synthetic and cotton yarn balls with yarn count from Nm 0,5 to Nm 7,0.

Classic balls from 2 to 20 point patterns.
Do-nut flat balls.
8, 10, 12, 16*, 20* and 24* winding positions (*) Campanini modular winding system configurable according to the customer’s needings.

10” color touch screen interface where it is possible to set:
✔ Winding speed adjustable from 0 to 1500 rpm
✔ Beam movement (shape of the balls)
✔ Patterns and thread laying of the balls. The device is also able to change automatically pattern during the winding cycle to obtain balls more voluminous and softer. Pattern selection infinitely variable from 1: 2,000 to 1: 400,000.
✔ Diameter of the mandrels.
✔ Cutting position.
✔ Automatic yarn ends release position.
✔ Extraction bar position.

All the parameters can be stored in 500 programs so it is possible to recall them at will.
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German. Chinese.

Automatic doffing with automatic tucking-in thread into the balls.
Pneumatic thread injectors
Aluminum grips.
Easy adjustment of the position of the flyers.
Dynamic balancing of the flyers to reduce to the minimum any vibration of the machine.
Mandrel opening electronically controlled by plc.
Beam movement electronically controlled by plc.
Front and rear safety barriers.
Self-adapting yarn break detectors
Electronic mandrel surveillance for incompletely doffed balls.

Doffing time: less than 8 seconds
Voltage: 3 phase 230-400 Vac 50/60Hz + ground
Power installed: 8 kw
Air pressure: 6 bar.
Colour: Ivory White RAL1013 and Orange RAL2001